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Known as Avis, with the affectionate diminutive Ava, this isn’t your typical avian companion. Resembling a colossal raven, Ava boasts the stature of a giant eagle, her feathers unruly and tousled, creating an appearance of having braved a relentless storm.

A loyal companion to Dominic Draven, Ava serves as more than just a pet; she is his vigilant sentinel in the skies, a pair of keen eyes that misses nothing. Bound to Draven not only by companionship but also by deeper, mystical ties, Ava is uniquely attuned to his thoughts and emotions, comprehending him in ways that transcend the ordinary communication between a man and his animal companion.

But Ava’s nature is steeped in shadows and enigma; she isn’t merely a blend of raven and golden eagle. In her veins flows the essence of a demon, endowing her with abilities far beyond those of mundane creatures. With eyes that radiate an intense and formidable hatred, Ava’s gaze glimmers ominously in the dark, casting an eerie glow that is as fascinating as it is fearsome.

This demonic avian harbor powers unique to her lineage, her nearly two-meter wingspan unfurling to reveal a canvas of darkness poised to envelop the skies. Her claws, blackened and sharp as razors, curl menacingly, embodying instruments of destruction, ready to unleash their fury at her master’s bidding.

With each flap of her mighty wings, Ava weaves a tapestry of myth and magic, her presence a harbinger of the untold stories and adventures that await in the shadowy realms she inhabits alongside Dominic Draven. Through her fierce eyes, readers are invited to explore a world where the line between demon and animal blurs and where every feather conceals a tale of darkness and power.

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