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🌟 Embark on an Enchanting Journey: The Ultimate Guide to the Afterlife Saga & Beyond! 🌟

Are you ready to dive into the mesmerizing world crafted by the brilliant Stephanie Hudson? Look no further as I present to you the ultimate reading odyssey through the Afterlife Saga and its riveting spin-offs. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler in this universe or a newcomer eager to explore, this guide is your golden key to an unforgettable experience.

📚 The Core Afterlife Saga: Where Legends Begin 📚 Dive into the heart of the saga, where each book is a stepping stone into a world of intrigue and mystery. Remember, the journey doesn’t end here; it’s just the beginning. After completing the main saga, myriad paths unfold before you, each leading to new adventures and untold stories.

🌌 Spin-Offs: A Universe of Possibilities 🌌 The beauty of this universe lies in its boundless potential. Spin-offs like ‘Transfusion’ (1-10) and ‘HellBeast’ (1-6) offer glimpses into parallel timelines and intersecting destinies. Pro tip: Read the first 10 ‘Transfusion’ books, followed by the first 6 ‘HellBeast’ adventures, and then circle back to the concluding ‘Transfusion’ chapters before leaping into ‘HellBeast’ Book 7.

🌟 Exclusive Insider Tips 🌟

  • New to the Afterlife universe? Start with the original series for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Already a fan of ‘Transfusion‘ or ‘HellBeast King‘? Exciting bonus content awaits, revealing secrets yet to be uncovered.

🔮 Dive Deeper into the Lore 🔮

  • Follow Vincent’s journey, extending beyond the current books, with more thrilling chapters on the horizon.
  • Delve into Lucius‘ epic 14-book series, a tale unfolding alongside other stories but available now for eager fans.
  • Explore ‘The Forbidden Chapters’ for hidden gems in the Afterlife Saga, offering insights and surprises.

🐉 Exciting Expansions: The HellBeast King & Lost Siren Series 🐉 Journey with Jared in the ‘HellBeast King‘ series, a 9-book adventure (and counting) set post-‘Queen of Sins’. Then, immerse yourself in the 22-book ‘Lost Siren’ series, where each couple’s story unfolds over two captivating books, starting just before Keira’s arrival at Afterlife.

💫 A Universe in Constant Expansion 💫 With over 100+ books planned, the Afterlife World promises countless adventures and endless thrills. Stay tuned, as this post will be your beacon, continually updated with the latest releases and hidden treasures.

Step into the enchanting realm of Stephanie Hudson’s creation, where every book is a gateway to new worlds and every page a passage to unimaginable wonders. Happy reading, and may your journey through the Afterlife Saga be as magical as the stories within!

📖 Your Reading Roadmap 📖 (Here, list the books in the order you’ve provided, formatted neatly for easy reference.)

Afterlife Series 💜🤍

  1. Afterlife
  2. The Two Kings
  3. Triple Goddess
  4. Quartermoon
  5. Pentagram Child Part 1
  6. Pentagram Child Part 2
  7. Cult of the Hexad
  8. Sacrifice of the Septimus Part 1
  9. Sacrifice of the Septimus Part 2
  10. Blood of the Infinity War
  11. Happy Ever Afterlife Part 1
  12. Happy Ever Afterlife Part 2

The Kings of Afterlife 💜

  • Vincent’s Immortal Curse (book 1)

(Book 2 release date is unsure at this time; all we know is that it will be after the HellBeast series is completed in 2023, and the author can then focus on the in-depth research and do the research trips she needs to do).

Transfusion Series ❤️

  1. Transfusion
  2. Venom of God
  3. Blood of Kings
  4. Rise of Ashes
  5. Map of Sorrows
  6. Tree of Souls
  7. Kingdoms of Hell
  8. Eyes of Crimson
  9. Roots of Rage
  10. Heart of Darkness
  11. Wraith of Fire Transfusion
  12. Queen of Sins Transfusion
  13. Knights of Past
  14. Quest of Stone

HellBeast King Series 🤍🖤

  1. The Hellbeast King
  2. The HellBeast’s Fight
  3. The HellBeast’s Mistake
  4. The HellBeast’s Claim
  5. The HellBeast’s Prisoner
  6. The HellBeast’s Sacrifice
  7. The HellBeast’s Hate
  8. The HellBeast’s Past