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Vincent Draven

Vincent is an angel and the brother of Dominic and Sophia Draven (they are triplets). Vincent means to conquer in Latin.

An angelic-looking man, but had eyes that suggested otherwise. They were like black ice with a cruel, harsh glint to them. His skin is almost luminescent. Even in the low lighting of the club, Keira thought it glowed as if he had just spent the day basking in the sun’s rays.

His hard was cut short, creating a halo of tight golden girls.

Vincent Draven is incredibly handsome with tight curls of blonde hair and the most amazing smoldering eyes.

He may be an angel but in the end, his father is still the King of Lust, a demon that has influenced his son, despite being an angel. Vincent is sort of like a sexy angel with a secret naughty side.

He meets his own chosen one (Ari) in Cult of the Hexad, but you don’t really get to know more about them until his own book Vincent’s Immortal Curse, that ends abruptly the second you find out just who she really is. Vincent’s Immortal Curse book two is due out in 2021 but it has yet to be given an official release date.



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