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The saga of Lucius Septimius is a captivating tapestry woven through the pages of the Afterlife Series, with a backstory as engrossing as it is astonishing. Known as the eminent Vampire King, the tale of Lucius’s ascendancy to this title is laced with intrigue.

Tracing his origins to the nascent days of Christianity, Lucius’s earthly life as a human was intertwined with significant Biblical figures. Originally named Judas, he was the disciple infamously known for betraying Jesus—though, as the narrative unfurls, it reveals that history might have misinterpreted his actions. Following the crucifixion, he was unfairly vilified and met a tragic end, renouncing his faith in his final breaths.

Upon his death, he was reborn as Lucius, the progeny of Satan, bearing the distinctive power to transform demons into vampires through the potent gift embedded in his blood. This ability set him apart, anointing him as the chosen leader for a race of creatures poised on the brink of evolution. The vampires, once feeble entities, underwent a transformative mutation under Lucius’s dominion, evolving into beings of heightened strength, agility, and intellect.

Despite their shared history and kinship resembling brotherhood, the bonds between Lucius and Draven eventually frayed and snapped, leaving behind a chasm widened by betrayal and mistrust. Lucius, a figure imposing and statuesque, bore an appearance strikingly handsome yet subtly intimidating. With sandy blond hair framing a face with chiseled features and eyes that mirrored the chilling depth of darkened storm clouds, he was a visage of mesmerizing beauty and latent danger.

These eyes, a breathtaking canvas of silver-grey with icy blue flecks, possessed an allure both magnetic and treacherous, evoking images of impending storms obscuring serene skies. They were eyes that could ensnare souls, commanding attention and reverence with their intensity.

The narrative elaborates on his physical allure further, painting a picture of a man whose stature and physique were reminiscent of mythological figures of beauty and strength. Lucius, with his careless elegance and an air of indifferent charm, was a being who could easily enthrall, his presence demanding and enthralling.

The process of transformation under Lucius’s hand not only endowed vampires with unparalleled power but also bound them in servitude to him, their lives inextricably linked to his existence. It was whispered that the demise of Lucius would herald the end for all vampires tethered to him.

His powers were not merely physical; Lucius was a master manipulator, wielding control over minds with effortless ease. His dominion extended over various beings, with humans being particularly susceptible to his influence. However, stronger minds offered greater resistance, limiting the scope of his control.

Lucius’s tale, while interspersed within the Afterlife Series, is extensively explored in his dedicated series, Transfusion. It is within these pages that readers become intimately acquainted with this enigmatic figure, delving into the complexities of his character and unfolding the tale of his chosen one, Amelia Faith.




Amelia tells us in great detail about his eye color in Transfusion.

Then there were his eyes. Eyes that seemed to have the power to pierce your very soul, capturing it and only releasing it again when his gaze was no longer blessing you by being directed your way. The silver grey with flecks of blue that looked like ice over water.

The colour reminded me of a storm that was brewing, rolling in over clear blue skies and consuming them. Even the sandy blonde brows that slanted across his deep-set eyes gave him a dark angelic look that would have fooled anyone naive enough to believe that he was a man to be trusted with your life in his hands.


She also tells us a bit more about his looks. Beyond that of his eye color that is.

Incredibly tall and built like an Olympic athlete who does body building on the side, meant that he looked like a living Adonis. With his sandy coloured hair in a messy style that just screamed that he didn’t give a damn and got out the shower, rubbing a towel over it before it dried naturally that way. Or was it his chiseled jaw line and perfectly shaped lips that had women ready to sign over their ovaries and beg him to make babies with them like I was close to doing right alongside them?

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