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Lucius Septimius has one of the best backstories in the Afterlife Series. He’s the Vampire King, but how he became that is the most interesting.

Lucius has been around since the dawn of Christ, and his rebirth was days after the crucifixion of Jesus. So just how old is Lucius? Well, that isn’t ever really answered. But in Transfusion, we learn that he’s at least 2,000 younger than Draven.

Lucius was once a human, but not just any human, he was Judas. Yes, THAT Judas, from the bible. Who made a deal with Jesus and didn’t turn on him as history remembers it. Only once Jesus died, everyone blamed Judas and even killed him before Jesus could clear his name. Because of this, just before he died, he gave up on his faith and recounted his devotion to God. This meant that when he died, he went to hell instead of heaven.

He was reborn as Satan’s son, and Lucifer (Satan) named him Lucius, and with his blood, gave him the ability to make demons into vampires.

Lucifer, who is the father to most of the Demonic elders on the human plane, needed a King to rule over the vampires. These Creatures have been around for thousands of years, but they were weak and unpredictable. They needed a leader, one stronger than them all, someone who could control them whilst making them evolve. Imagine these weak Demons like rodents suddenly becoming wild, powerful cats.

They mutated genetically, so they became stronger, quicker, and more methodical in their thinking. Lucius became their master, and he is in all of the Demons that he turns. Lucius is the only one who can change a Demon into something more, and if they are partially gifted, then they are even more so when they are turned.

For many, many years Lucius and Draven were close. They worked together but were also like brothers … until they weren’t. Lucius found out Draven lied to him about something important, and that severed that friendship beyond repair.

Lucius was very tall like Draven, with wide shoulders that looked built for swinging a warrior’s ax. He has blonde hair with pale skin, which enhanced his startling dark eyes.

He had strong features, with a square jaw and hard mouth. He was stunning, but at the same time frightening as all Hell! It was mainly down to his sharp eyes and the way they followed me everywhere. Every movement my body made with the music, he matched with his gaze. It was both freezing and fiery. It was the look of a natural-born killer, and he had just found his next victim, only something told me this creature liked to play first.

So how tall is Lucius, might you ask? Well in Transfusion we learn that he’s taller and bigger than most men, and almost as tall as Draven. We never learned exactly how tall Draven is, just that he’s well over 6 feet tall.

Amelia tells us in great detail about his eye color in Transfusion.

Then there were his eyes. Eyes that seemed to have the power to pierce your very soul, capturing it and only releasing it again when his gaze was no longer blessing you by being directed your way. The silver grey with flecks of blue that looked like ice over water.

The colour reminded me of a storm that was brewing, rolling in over clear blue skies and consuming them. Even the sandy blonde brows that slanted across his deep-set eyes gave him a dark angelic look that would have fooled anyone naive enough to believe that he was a man to be trusted with your life in his hands.


She also tells us a bit more about his looks. Beyond that of his eye color that is.

Incredibly tall and built like an Olympic athlete who does body building on the side, meant that he looked like a living Adonis. With his sandy coloured hair in a messy style that just screamed that he didn’t give a damn and got out the shower, rubbing a towel over it before it dried naturally that way. Or was it his chiseled jaw line and perfectly shaped lips that had women ready to sign over their ovaries and beg him to make babies with them like I was close to doing right alongside them?

When Lucius turns an immortal into a vampire, they are known as a blood convert. They then become way more powerful than they were before, but they are now tied to worship Lucius as their king for the rest of their life – or his, as it is rumored that if Lucius dies, so do all the vampires.

We a little about Lucius through the original Afterlife series, but we really get to know him in his own series called Transfusion. It’s also where we learn about his chosen one, Amelia Faith.

Lucius is like most with his powers, although he is an extremely skilled fighter. But what makes Lucious stand above the rest are his powers of manipulation. He can control any mind, demons, angels, and humans. The stronger the mind, the harder it is to control. Humans, for example, he could control the minds of an entire room at once. Draven however, he can only control his mind alone, one at a time. Like he wouldn’t control both Dom, and Vincent’s minds at the same time.



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