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Keira is a human girl, but not just any girl – her very existence was prophesized thousands of years ago. She wasn’t just destined to be Dominic Draven’s one true love, but to also save the world.

Keira is the main female character (the heroine) in the Afterlife Saga. Her story is long and complex and plays out over the entire 12-book series.

She is what is known as a pure soul, something truly unique. It’s never really explained in detail exactly what that means, other than just sort of hinting around that she’s a really good person, that always puts others first.

Her family and friends call her Keria or Kazzy but her dad was convinced she was going to be born so her middle name is actually Keiran, making her full name Catherine Keiran Williams.

Keira Williams is 25 at the start of the book. Although early on she tells people she is only 21. This is because she is hiding her real identity from a past stalker so she changed her age and last name and instead of going by her first name Katharine Williams, she began using her middle name with her fake last name Keira Johnson.

She is flying from England where she was born and lived her entire life to America, to live with her sister (Libby) and her sister’s husband (Frank).

Keira is 5 feet 3 inches tall with long blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. She has a small frame and a slim build but with a curvy top half.

Kiera’s full name is Katherine Kiera Johnson but she goes by her middle name Kiera.  Actually, we later find out that her real name is Katherine Kieran Williams, but was later changed to Kiera Johnson when she changed her name to start her new life after the incident with the kidnapping.

However, throughout the course of the series, she is known by a few names and nicknames including …

  • Electus
  • Chosen One
  • Keira Johnson
  • Keira Williams
  • Kaz (Kazzy)
  • Katie
  • Catherine
  • Little Lamb

The number 7 is a common theme when it comes to Keira. She was born on the 7th day, of the 7th month in the year 1987.

More than a few people complain about Keira always blushing and how unrealistic this is about her. However I want to say as someone who actually has this same problem, it is very much a real thing. You learn early on that Keira has blonde hair so that tells you right off that she’s fair-skinned. It’s not uncommon for light-skinned people to have visible red cheeks or flushing. This sadly I know because I experience it myself. I not only have noticeable reddened cheeks when I’m embarrassed but when I’m upset or have any sort of surge in emotion (good, bad, happy, sad, etc.) — So yes, it’s very believable that Keira could also suffer from this. Yes, your cheeks really turn red. Yes, there are shades of it as well, from light to deep red. You can’t stop it. You can’t control it.

Keira’s backstory which you learn throughout the 12 books in the series is really interesting. She was born in England and has one sister, Libby. By all accounts, Keira is a normal girl who loves history and has a passion for art. At the age of 7, she is with her family at the local fair or a carnival and she has a weird encounter with a gypsy named Nesteemia, which you later learned was sent to her by Lucius, to prevent others of her kind from finding her, only there was an unintended side effect in the spell … it meant she could now see them.

At 7 years old suddenly seeing monsters, people thought she was crazy. They were on the verge of sending her away to get “help” in maybe some sort of mental institution but her sister Libby convince Keira to lie and just say she was only saying what she was saying to get attention.

Her sister helped her come up with a way to help Keira by drawing images of the monsters and locking them away in her art book. It’s a technique that worked well and by all accounts, Keira went on to live a relatively normal, happy childhood.

That is until she gets to college. That’s when she has an encounter with a man named Morgan, a teacher’s assistant who becomes fascinated with her. Well more like obsessed and kidnaps her. I don’t want to give you any major spoilers here so I’ll just say if you want to learn more about Morgan you can view his profile page.


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