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Keira Johnson

Katherine Kieran Williams, known widely as Keira, is not merely a human girl; she is the realization of an ancient prophecy foretelling the arrival of a girl destined not only to capture the heart of the enigmatic Dominic Draven but also to deliver the world from peril. With her tale unfolding intricately across the expansive twelve-book Afterlife Saga, Keira stands as the saga’s central heroine, embodying purity and unexplained goodness that characterizes a “pure soul.”

Starting her journey at the age of 25, Keira adopts an alias, Keira Johnson, presenting herself as a 21-year-old to elude a past stalker. She undergoes a transformative journey from England to America, seeking refuge with her sister Libby and brother-in-law Frank. Standing at 5 feet 3 inches, Keira is a visual sonnet with her long blonde hair framing a fair face with captivating grey-blue eyes a delicate build topped with gentle curves.

Commonly referred to as Keria or Kazzy by her close kin and friends, Keira navigates through life with various names and titles whispered around her, including Electus, Chosen One, Keira Johnson, Keira Williams, Kaz (Kazzy), Katie, Catherine, and Little Lamb. Born on the seventh day of the seventh month in 1987, the mystique of number seven closely entwines with her life’s tapestry.

Despite criticisms of her perpetual blushing, deemed unrealistic by some, Keira’s tendency to flush is an authentic reaction to her emotional surges, a trait quite common among individuals graced with fair skin.

Keira’s life story, gradually revealed over the span of the saga, is a fascinating odyssey starting in England. Her love for history and art is evident early, providing solace during turbulent times. An uncanny encounter with a gypsy named Nesteemia at age seven marks a turning point, resulting in her ability to perceive creatures unknown to others, a secret she learns to conceal with her sister’s help.

Through drawing and confinement of these monstrous visions into an art book, Keira manages to live a semblance of normalcy until college, where she crosses paths with Morgan, a teaching assistant whose fascination with her swiftly morphs into obsession, leading to a series of events that thrust Keira further into her prophesized destiny.

Without unveiling too many spoilers, the depth and complexity of Keira’s character are explored extensively, revealing a young woman who is much more than meets the eye, harboring secrets and wielding powers that even she can’t fully understand at first. For more about Morgan and the other characters entangled in Keira’s extraordinary life, further profiles await your perusal.

So, what does Kiera look like? According to AI, Kiera looks like this – very elegant and ethereal.

kiera-johnsonI know the book says she has long blonde hair but for some reason in my mind she was always a brunette for some reason.





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