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Dominic Draven

To the locals, the Draven’s are simply a filthy rich family who come to Evergreen Falls once a year. In reality, they are so much more.

Dominic Draven is a triplet, born the first of the three, he also has a brother named Vincent and a sister named Sophia. The three are not human. Dominic rules over the supernatural beings who live on earth.

Vincent is an angel, Sophia a demon, and Dominic is both an angel and demon.

Dominic Draven is breathtaking. He was Mediterranean-looking with very dark features and olive, sun-kissed skin. (You later find out Dominic is Persian.)

His jet-black hair was down to his shoulders but looked as if it had grown naturally into this style. He was very well groomed but still had a roughness about him with deep-set eyes that burned right through me. His eyes are onyx black, with a slight purplish edge to them.

Draven, like most of the old immortals, he speaks multiple languages. You’ll often hear him say a phrase in some random language, skipping from one dialect to the next. Like “Somnus, my Keira,” which is sleep in Latin.

He can also take over and controls a human’s mind. Like he invades their mind and then can control them. He can also see through a human’s eyes, which is part of his ability to mind control the human.

He can fly. He has wings.
He has fangs but he’s not a vampire.
He can heal humans. He himself also has accelerated healing.

He can control matter. He can destroy a building with just his mind. But what’s also unique about his power is, that he can also put things back together. Say for example he breaks a door down by exploding the wood. He can then use his ability to put it back together as well.

He can fly a plane, speaks multiple languages, and also has knowledge as a medical doctor. Then again he has lived thousands of years so there are probably a ton of other mundane skills he has that aren’t mentioned in the books. He has a love of fast cars and weapons.

On the bad side of things he has a really bad temper and is extremely jealous/possessive over Keira. He’s well known for his temper and outbursts of anger.

How old is Dominic Draven? That’s a question that is addressed many times throughout the series without specifically being answered. We know he was around for years by the time Jesus was born. So we can say without a drought he’s more than 2,000 years old. We also know that he ruled the Persian empire, which was founded in 550 BC so that means he is at least 2,550 years old.

In the first book in the Transfusion series, his daughter Amelia, says that Draven is at least 4,000 years old, twice as old as Lucius. It’s also in the first book in the Transfusion series, we get another good description of him.

A tall and wide build of someone that one would only assume was achieved by dedicating long hours to the gym. He has midnight black hair. He has tanned olive skin and dark eyes, framed by dark long lashes.

In The Two Kings we find out that Draven is 6’4″, weighs 240 pounds and he hates cucumbers.


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