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Dominic Draven

In the small town of Evergreen Falls, the Draven family is merely seen as wealthy enigmas, making their appearance once a year amidst whispered rumors and envious glances. Yet, beneath this facade of affluence, the Dravens harbor secrets ancient and profound.

Dominic Draven, the eldest of triplets, alongside his brother Vincent and sister Sophia, is no ordinary man. He is a majestic tapestry of angel and demon, ruling over earthbound supernatural beings with an authority born of his dual heritage. While Vincent embodies the serene grace of angels and Sophia, the unpredictable ferocity of demons, Dominic encapsulates the enthralling dance of light and shadow within himself.

Possessing an allure that can only be described as breathtaking, Dominic exudes a Mediterranean charm with his dark, mesmerizing features and olive skin kissed by the sun’s golden rays. The narrative later unveils his Persian descent, casting a spell of exotic magnetism. His hair, a cascade of jet-black silk, falls naturally to his shoulders, framing a visage both meticulously groomed and ruggedly appealing, with eyes deep-set and ablaze with an intensity that seems to pierce through the veil of reality itself. These onyx orbs, tinged with an ethereal purple, bear witness to millennia of secrets and tales untold.

Gifted with the polyglot’s ability to dance through languages, Dominic often whispers phrases that weave through the air, carrying the weight and melody of ancient tongues. A master of the mind, he can delve into human consciousness, navigating its labyrinthine corridors to see through their eyes, exert control, and exert his will.

Dominic’s powers are manifold: he unfurls wings to soar through skies; his fangs are not vampiric but tools of unknown mysteries; his hands can bestow healing, and his body rejuvenates at a pace defying mortal constraints. With a mere thought, structures crumble and rebuild under his gaze, a testament to his mastery over matter itself.

Throughout the annals of time, Dominic has acquired skills mundane and extraordinary. A pilot, a polyglot, a healer, a lover of speed and weaponry—each facet of his character is a chapter waiting to be explored. However, beneath the sheen of perfection simmers a volatile temper, a possessiveness towards Keira that paints the canvas of their relationship with vibrant and sometimes alarming hues.

The enigma of Dominic’s age is a thread that runs throughout the series, hinting at a life that has witnessed empires rise and fall. He is ancient, with whispers suggesting an age spanning over four millennia, twice as old as Lucius, bearing the weight and wisdom of years with an elegance and power that is magnetic.

Dominic Draven is not just a character; he is an experience, a journey through time and emotion, a symphony of power and vulnerability, darkness and light, love and possession. With each page turned readers are invited to lose themselves in the depths of his eyes, to fly with him through skies inked with mystery, and to fall, irrevocably and completely, into the saga that unfolds with his every step.

What does Draven look like?

Dominic Draven is a character of otherworldly allure and commanding presence. Dominic is a blend of angel and demon, a symphony of contrasting powers and irresistible charm. His heritage is Persian, with skin that glows with a sun-kissed olive tone. His features are dark and compelling, exuding an exotic magnetism that captivates at first glance.







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