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I've only just got started and will be adding all the wonderful and diverse characters in the Afterlife world. I've started with book 1 and am adding them as they appear in the series.

Eeek! If you found a mistake please click the contact link and let me know. I appreciate any help you can give me in fixing any mistakes I may have made.


The Afterlife saga isn't really a series that you can just pick up any random book and in the series and read. It's a 12 book story, that requires you to know what happened in the previous book to be able to understand what is going on in the next book. So really there isn't a point in reading book three without having first read books one and two. You wouldn't remotely understand what was going on and who was who without having first read the other books in the series.

When I first started the Afterlife series, I got it through Audible and I was hooked right away. I loved it! But I found when listening (instead of reading the printed word) I often found myself confused always asking myself, .. wait, who is this? Five books in my frustration grew when I would get confused about who a person was because there are just so many people in the book and so many things going on, that it was hard to keep up.



By book seven I sat down and started taking notes and knew that I wanted to help others who were in my position and that's when this website was born.





I will be adding characters from all the books in the Transfusion series since in the end, they are all part of the same world. It's just going to take me some time to get through all the books in all of the series.

In the end, my plan is to include characters from all the series that are part of the same world of Afterlife which includes all 12 books in the Afterlife series, all 12 books of Transfusion, The Kings of Afterlife series, King of Kings, and The Shadow Imp Series.


We are just getting started. There are so many characters in this amazing world. But not worry, I update the site with new character details a few times a week.

There are a ton of people to keep up within the Afterlife Saga. Just 10% into the first book of a 12 book series, we are already introduced to 38 characters.


Choose Your Pleasure


Book 1

The Two Kings

Book 2

The Triple Goddess

Book 3

The Quarter Moon

Book 4

The Pentagram Child Part 1

Book 5

The Pentagram Child Part 2

Book 6

Cult of the Hexad

Book 7

Sacrifice of the Septimus Part 1

Book 8

Sacrifice of the Septimus Part 2

Book 9

Blood of the Infinity War

Book 10

Happy Ever Afterlife Part 1

Book 11

Happy Ever Afterlife Part 2

Book 12