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The Quarter Moon

Characters From This Book

Vincent Draven

Vincent Draven, bathed in angelic grace, is the sibling of Dominic and Sophia Draven, forming a mystical triplet ensemble with his brother and sister. Derived from Latin, his name whispers of conquest and undeniable power. While his visage mirrors the

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Dominic Draven

In the small town of Evergreen Falls, the Draven family is merely seen as wealthy enigmas, making their appearance once a year amidst whispered rumors and envious glances. Yet, beneath this facade of affluence, the Dravens harbor secrets ancient and

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Keira Johnson

Katherine Kieran Williams, known widely as Keira, is not merely a human girl; she is the realization of an ancient prophecy foretelling the arrival of a girl destined not only to capture the heart of the enigmatic Dominic Draven but

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