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Cameron is a human figure navigating through the tale’s peripherals, serving as a security guard within the framework of Frank’s security enterprise. Tasked with the vigilant guarding of Club Afterline’s imposing front door, Cameron shares this responsibility with his colleague, Joe.

His role, while not central to the narrative’s heartbeat, is nonetheless significant in the fabric of the unfolding tale, providing a steady, reliable presence at the club’s entrance. Cameron surfaces intermittently within the story; his character sketch painted with subtle, minimal strokes that nonetheless contribute to the story’s ambiance and setting.

Though his participation in the saga is limited, Cameron’s character represents the myriad minor roles that collectively contribute to the richness and depth of the narrative tapestry. Every mention of him, however fleeting, adds texture to the story’s canvas, providing a glimpse into the ordinary lives that unfold alongside the extraordinary events at the saga’s core.


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