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Celina was beautiful with amazing red hair that twisted down to one side, making a cascade of curls that lay on her shoulder.

We first learn about Celina in the first book in the series. She was a demon that Jack had fell in love with, (not knowing who she really was of course).

In Jack’s mind one day he’s dating this fabulous girl and then meets Dominic Draven and he never sees her again.

Of course later on we learn there is much, much more to this story.

Celina is a demon and according to the laws of the immortals, they are forbidden from dating mortals. Draven advocated for Celina and saved her life if she promised never to see the moral Jack ever again. Of course, she agreed and she also started serving on Draven’s council.

When Keira first met Draven he was worried about her safety in his world, so to push her away he pretended to be engaged to Celina.

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