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A friend of RJ’s who just moved to the area. He likes to be called Chaz.

Chaz was cute-looking with a baby face that looked like it still hadn’t fully matured. He paid a lot of attention to RJ, but she didn’t seem to notice. Every now and again, he would stare at her and smile to himself, one he thought was hidden.

Chaz might possibly be a demon. Early on when Keira goes upstairs to the VIP the first time she comes back downstairs and is telling RJ and the others what it was like. During this time she references Chaz’s eyes flashing a different color.

I looked around the table, and all faces dropped with disappointment, all except one. Chaz looked amused and concerned at the same time. I didn’t want to stare, like he was doing back at me, but his eyes were fascinating. They flashed a different colour ever so slightly, but I was sure it was in my mind, so I tried to blank it out. This was harder than I would have liked as he was now grinning at me and it was only when Lanie started to talk to him that he seemed to snap out of it. It was as if he had momentarily been taken over by pod people.

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