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George Miller

George Miller is Frank’s mother’s oldest brother, Franks’s Uncle from which he inherited the house he and Libby live in.

He was a well-liked man who always helped out with the community. He had been a fireman, most of his life but took early retirement when his wife passed away with cancer.

The death of his wife hit him hard, as it would with most, but it looked as though his family were kept in the dark about the true depth of his depression because one day a hiker found his hanging corpse in his log cabin.

He hadn’t spoken to his family in nine months. They put his suicide down to his desperation to be back with his wife. Frank had been the last person he had seen, two months prior to his death. He was also the last person he spoke to when he rang a week before he was found. He told Frank that he had left him everything, but his only wish was that the cabin and the land were never sold. He didn’t care about the house which Frank had found the strangest thing of all as it had been in Frank’s family for generations and his wife had adored the place.

George had started to actually get his life back together unbeknown to his family. He had an evening poker night with some of his old buddies from the fire department and he had finished restoring his cabin which he used for hunting. But he took a fateful visit to the library and that’s when he met who he didn’t know was a demon who fed off of his misery.

Yvonne Dubeck was an Ego Vereor Demon.

She was working as a Librarian and was instantly attracted to George because she could detect his grief.

Her name was Yvonne Dubeck and Draven told me that she was called an Ego Vereor Everto, meaning ‘Self Fear Demon’ in Latin. She liked to feed from the negative emotions caused by paranoia. She would gradually gain the trust of these poor unsuspecting humans by befriending them and then little by little she would implant delusions of what people feared the most.

In George’s case it was Alien abductions. He soon became obsessed that he had been abducted numerous times and was living in fear until his next abduction. In the end he became a recluse and lived in the woods like a hermit.

The only person he would see was Yvonne as he never got abducted when she was around. She would get stronger every second she was with him, but because he was a strong character, he would fight back getting better when not in her presence. Of course, she would not allow this to happen for long. In the end, she got the ultimate high when his paranoia got too much one day and he took his own life which unfortunately happened before Draven could intervene.

Draven had been too late to save George and Yvonne disappeared before her punishment could be inflicted.

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