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Hugo Morgan

Hugo Morgan was a real-life monster that Keira met her first year in college. He became obsessed with her and ended up kidnapping her.

Morgan was a human. He however was being haunted by a demon who fed on his emotions and he became obsessed with Keira based on that. He thought she had the same problem and that he could save her.

In his twisted mind, he thought that maybe killing her family would help with that and she did what she had to do to get away from him and to save her family.

Keira met organ in her art class.

He was young for a tutor, being only in his late twenties. He had bronze-colored hair cut back and short, and he usually wore a trilby hat when first coming into lectures. He had a longish face, with a pointed chin and a long straight nose to match. He had sage green-colored eyes.

At first, he seemed charming and had a clear love of art, and was well-loved by all of his students, including Keira. He seemed to single Keira out as his favorite pupil.

Keira began to notice that he started to follow her everywhere. Every time she turned out, there he was. At first, she thought she was being paranoid, but soon it became clear he was stalking her. He made some excuses and Keira wanting to believe him.

One night she had a dream about Mr. Morgan, not as a demon but being terrified by one. The demon was following him like a plague and slowly killing him, sucking the life out of him.

Keira began to sketch the monster she saw haunting Morgan and had planned on locking him away in her notebook. Only that day they had a fire drill and she left her bag in class. When the fire drill was over, her notebook was gone, along with Morgan.

The next day Morgan approached her at her dorm and asked her to come with him. She didn’t. He scared her so she ran into her dorm room thinking she got away. So Morgan killed Keira’s boyfriend at the time, Tom Robertson, used his phone and tricked Keira into meeting who she thought was her boyfriend but it was really Morgan.

Morgan held Keira against her will, going on about how he was going to save her. He would burn incense, sprinkle her with Holy Water and read different scriptures to her.

Turns out Hugo Morgan was really a man named Douglas Brone. He had a sister who was also named Catherine, who he thought of as more than a sister. One day his sister Catharine finds a boyfriend and this sets Douglas off. He killed them both and then basically went insane.

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