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Jerry, a steadfast human companion to Frank, plays a significant yet understated role in the unfolding narrative of the series. Entrusted with the management of the enigmatic Afterlife club, Jerry is introduced as the individual who, upon Frank’s request, facilitates Keira’s employment at the establishment at the commencement of the first book.

Apart from being intricately linked to the tapestry of the club’s operations, Jerry shares his life’s canvas with a twin brother, Gary. Bearing a shared visage and familial bond, Gary is not only a reflection of Jerry but also an active participant in the bustling life within the club’s shadowy and tantalizing walls.

In the dynamic landscape of Club Afterlife, Jerry assumes the role of Keira’s supervisor during her tenure as a waitress. Under his oversight, Keira navigates through the labyrinth of her responsibilities and the club’s unique environment. Despite his position, Jerry’s presence gently flutters through the pages of the series, casting a subtle but consistent shadow as a minor character.

While he might not dominate the spotlight, Jerry contributes to the symphony of the story with his distinct, albeit quiet, melody. He subtly supports the protagonists’ arcs while weaving through the narrative with a gentle and unassuming grace, embodying the quiet strength and reliability characteristic of unsung heroes within tales of adventure and intrigue.



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