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Within the sprawling narrative, Joe emerges as a supporting character, employed as a security guard under Frank’s established company. Stationed at the prominent front door of Club Afterline, he shares his sentinel duties with Cameron, ensuring the entrance is securely monitored.


Though his role in the overarching story is marginal, Joe’s sporadic mentions and appearances within the text are vital, adding layers and depth to the backdrop against which the primary events unfold. While the spotlight doesn’t linger on him, every fleeting reference to Joe contributes to crafting a comprehensive and immersive environment within the tale.

His presence, though subtle and understated, paints strokes of reality and normalcy onto the canvas of a narrative replete with extraordinary happenings and supernatural beings. Each of his cameos, no matter how brief, plays a role in weaving a story that is as grounded as it is fantastical, providing readers with anchors of relatability amidst seas of incredible adventure and suspense.

This Joe should not be confused with One-Eyed-Joe.

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