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He had long straight hair that looked almost like ice as it was whiter than white. His face was long, with a thin, straight nose to match that looked a little bit like a crow’s beak.

He looked older than Draven, giving him a very wise and knowledgable-looking face.

He has a very hoarse-sounding voice.

The first night Keira met him (at the Halloween party at club Afterlife) he was wearing an unusual suit that looked like half a robe with a long hood at the back and a cape that came around to one side. He looked as if he could have been royalty or someone very important. He even had his own bodyguards, who looked equally as terrifying as Draven’s men. They stood behind his chair on their guard.

In demonology, Malphas is a demon known as a President of Hell, with forty legions of demons under his command, and is the second in command under Satan. He appears as a raven, but if requested, will instead resemble a man with a hoarse voice. Malphas is said to build houses, high towers, and strongholds, throw down the buildings of the enemies, destroy the enemies’ desires or thoughts and all that they have done, give good familiars, and quickly bring artificers together from all places of the world.

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