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Malphas emerges in the tapestry of the narrative with hair cascading like frozen streams of silver, an ethereal and icy white that transcends mundane descriptions. Each strand paints a picture of timeless wisdom and an almost supernatural allure, framing a face long and distinguished, crowned with a nose that mimics the sleek, straight silhouette of a crow’s beak.

His countenance, while bearing subtle lines of age, radiates an aura of deep knowledge and sagacity. Malphas doesn’t merely appear wise; he seems like a living repository of ancient secrets and untold stories, his eyes reflecting the weight and depth of countless experiences.

When Malphas speaks, his voice grates the silence with a hoarseness, a rasp that echoes with the timbre of time-worn parchment and whispers from the abyss, adding another layer to his enigmatic persona.

Upon Keira’s initial encounter with him at a Halloween soirée held in the mysterious confines of Club Afterlife, Malphas was draped in an attire that defied conventions. This unusual ensemble, a harmonious blend of a suit and a robe, boasted a long, looming hood at its rear and a cape that gracefully swirled to one side, creating an asymmetrical dance of fabric and shadow. The garment whispered of regality and importance, casting an image of a figure accustomed to command and reverence.

Surrounding him, a phalanx of bodyguards maintained their vigilant watch, their visages mirroring the intimidating allure of Draven’s own retinue. Stationed behind his chair, these sentinels stood as silent protectors and witnesses to the unfolding events, their eyes ever-watchful, ever-alert.

Malphas, with his combination of physical distinctiveness and an aura steeped in mystery and authority, weaves into the story as a character impossible to ignore. Every aspect, from his appearance to his voice and attire, contributes to building a figure that is simultaneously intriguing and daunting, beckoning readers to delve deeper into the shadows and lights of his character within the unfolding saga.


In the nuanced realms of demonology, Malphas holds a position of notable reverence and power, presiding as a President of Hell. With the allegiance of forty formidable legions of demons rippling under his dark wings, Malphas wields a sinister influence, serving as the ominous hand right beneath Satan in the infernal hierarchy.

This enigmatic entity often materializes in the visage of a raven, a symbol steeped in mystery and darkness. However, upon request, he undergoes a transformation, taking on the form of a man whose voice rasps through the silent air, bearing a tone that is unforgettably and unnervingly hoarse.

Beyond his impressive command and chilling voice, Malphas is accredited with unique abilities and talents. He is reputed to be an architect of unparalleled skill, crafting houses, towering structures, and impregnable fortresses with a masterful touch. Not merely a creator, he is also a destroyer, with the might to raze the edifices erected by foes, annihilating their dreams, aspirations, and the tangible manifestations of their will.

Furthermore, Malphas has the power to obliterate the cognitive fabric of his enemies, dismantling their desires, thoughts, and every achievement they have accomplished, leaving behind a void of despair and emptiness.

In his diverse array of skills, Malphas also bestows good familiars upon those he favors, providing companions that are both loyal and powerful. Additionally, he possesses the remarkable capability to summon artificers from the far-reaching corners of the world, convening talents and skills swiftly for purposes known only to him and those he serves.

With a presence shadowed by dread and fascination, Malphas weaves through the annals of demonology as a figure commanding respect and inciting fear, a demon whose powers are as multifaceted as they are darkly captivating. Each tale spun around him adds to the allure of his legend, creating a tapestry that is as intricate as the high towers he constructs and as unfathomable as the desires he extinguishes.

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