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Mr. Reed

Mr. Reed is a figure shrouded in a veil of sternness and misconception, navigating through the pages as Keira’s particularly stringent history professor. Fully human and seemingly impervious to charm, Mr. Reed conducts his academic domain with a rigidity that often borders on the unpleasant.

Keira’s presence in his class draws his ire for reasons unfounded and biased. In his eyes, she is a student demanding privileges, expecting a stream of special treatment to flow her way owing to her association with the Dravens, the influential family known for their substantial financial contributions to the college. Mr. Reed carries this presumption with an unwavering conviction, refusing to sway from his misguided belief regardless of its divergence from reality.

This professor is blissfully or perhaps willfully ignorant of the truth, firmly holding onto his narrative wherein Keira is painted as an entitled individual. Regardless of Keira’s genuine efforts to dispel this notion, Mr. Reed remains steadfast in his belief, his perception tinted with a bias he neither acknowledges nor attempts to rectify.

Throughout the narrative, Mr. Reed’s character unfolds as one steeped in stubbornness and a notable lack of empathy. Although his role might not be central to the core storyline, his interactions with Keira provide a glimpse into the challenges and prejudices she navigates within the hallowed halls of academia, making him a significant, albeit negative, force within her collegiate life. Each of his appearances crafts an atmosphere brimming with tension and misunderstanding, further immersing readers into the intricate dynamics at play in Keira’s world.


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