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Nesteemia (or Ness) is a gypsy palm reader. This is who Keira meets when she is 7 years old.

She is a woman with a kind voice, dressed strangely with a number of red and purple scares around her head like a turban. She wore a white shirt with big sleeves and a red dress on top that tied under the best with ribbons crossing over.

Her arms were covered in bangles and gold bracelets with what looked like coins hanging from them. She also wore multiple sets of matching hooped earrings.

Her hands were covered in so many rings that you could barely see the skin on her fingers. One of the rings was shaped like a silver dragon’s head and its mouth opened up as though it had swallowed her entire finger. The teeth on the end looked sharp as the spikes interlocked and clamped together.

When she smiled she showed a full set of yellow teeth, like ones you would find on an elderly person after a lifetime of heavy smoking. Her tanned skin was awash with lines of age and she had a small red star close to her right eye, nearly lost in the wrinkled folds.

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