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One-Eyed Joe

Joe is the genial proprietor of Willy’s One-Eyed Joe, a quintessential dive bar conveniently near Keira’s college. With an appearance strikingly reminiscent of Father Christmas, this mortal bar owner brings a distinctive and warm ambiance to his establishment.

The bar itself is nothing extraordinary — it’s a typical haunt for college students, providing an unpretentious and cozy space where they can unwind and socialize. Its walls have witnessed countless tales of youth and camaraderie, with Joe presiding over it all with a benevolent and watchful gaze.

Joe’s role within the series is subtle and sparingly highlighted. He does not take center stage, appearing only intermittently throughout the narrative. Yet, in every mention, he embodies the spirit of his bar — unassuming, welcoming, and steadfast. Each appearance, while brief, contributes to the tapestry of the story, offering a slice of everyday life and a backdrop of normalcy amidst the series’ more dramatic and supernatural elements.

Despite his limited presence, Joe provides a comforting and stable landmark within the narrative’s landscape, echoing the reassuring familiarity of his dive bar amid the turbulence and excitement of the unfolding tale. Each mention of him, though fleeting, adds depth and texture to the world within the pages, making him a minor but meaningful component of the overall story.

One-Eyed Joe should not be confused with Joe, who works for Frank.

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