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We first meet Arianna or Ari for short, in Cult of the Hexad when she had Keira are tricked into thinking they are sisters and held in a cult by a group of vampires.

Ari is an immortal who has lived many lives. One of those lives is as a girl named Lily Rider. This was in 2011. She tells us that every hundred years or so she picks each name with a theme like Lily, which is part of her floral theme. She’s also been Rose (Rose Daley), Jasmine, Daisy, Poppy, Holly, Iris, Elizabeth Grace, Alexandria, Aspen, Dakota, Florence, Sydney, and Savannah.

She has so many names because she changes them every 10 to 15 years. Considering she’s lived 500 years, that’s a lot of identities.

Ari’s story as Vincent’s Chosen One lays out in the book “Vincent’s Immortal Curse” which ends abruptly the second you find out just who she really is. Vincent’s Immortal Curse book two was due out in 2021 but it has yet to be given an official release date and we are already halfway through 2022.

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