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Vincent’s Immortal Curse

Characters From This Book


We first meet Arianna or Ari for short, in Cult of the Hexad when she had Keira are tricked into thinking they are sisters and held in a cult by a group of vampires. Ari is an immortal who has

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Pythia is the oracle. When Keira first meets her she is a black 7-year-old little girl. Later on, she goes back to her original form, which is a Persian woman. Pythia has lived a long time. She was once the

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Lucius Septimius has one of the best backstories in the Afterlife Series. He’s the Vampire King, but how he became that is the most interesting. Lucius has been around since the dawn of Christ, and his rebirth was days after

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Vincent Draven

Vincent is an angel and the brother of Dominic and Sophia Draven (they are triplets). Vincent means to conquer in Latin. An angelic-looking man, but had eyes that suggested otherwise. They were like black ice with a cruel, harsh glint

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Dominic Draven

To the locals, the Draven’s are simply a filthy rich family who come to Evergreen Falls once a year. In reality, they are so much more. Dominic Draven is a triplet, born the first of the three, he also has

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