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Happy Ever Afterlife Part 1

Characters From This Book


Adam is married to Pip. His story is truly unique. He’s a hell beast, probably the most powerful beast in all realms. He couldn’t be controlled and so they gave him Pip to play with, but she somehow tamed the

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Father of the Draven triplets, Dominic, Vincent, and Sophia. Their mother is an angel Sarah. Asmodeus is a demon who lives in hell. Asmodeus is actually one of the princes of hell. He’s the prince of lust or the personification

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Pip is an imp with green hair who is married to Adam. Pip may very well be one of the best characters in the entire series. She’s just wonderfully quirky and lovable. She’s like a mischievous child. Which, of course

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Amelia Faith

Amelia Faith is Keira and Dominic Draven‘s daughter. She grows up to be an Egyptologist, working in the British Museum. Her story picks up with her as an adult in the series Transfusion. At the start of the book, you

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Dominic Draven

To the locals, the Draven’s are simply a filthy rich family who come to Evergreen Falls once a year. In reality, they are so much more. Dominic Draven is a triplet, born the first of the three, he also has

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Keira is a human girl, but not just any girl – her very existence was prophesized thousands of years ago. She wasn’t just destined to be Dominic Draven’s one true love, but to also save the world. Keira is the

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