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Amelia Faith

Amelia Faith, the progeny of Keira and Dominic Draven, embarks on her life’s tapestry as an adult in the series Transfusion. With her roots embedded deeply within the mystical and enigmatic realms of immortality, Amelia crafts a niche for herself as an Egyptologist, diligently working amidst the historical grandeur of the British Museum.

As readers acquaint themselves with Amelia at the onset of Transfusion, they are privy to the delicate strands of her heartstrings, entangled with unrequited affections for Lucius. His apparent disinterest leaves imprints of pain and alienation on Amelia’s soul, nudging her towards a quest for identity and belonging distinct from the immortal canvas of her parents.

Embracing the pursuit of normalcy and eager to carve her trajectory devoid of her family’s protective shadows, Amelia dives into the realms of academia, immersing herself in college life. This chapter of self-discovery and subtle defiance sees her striving to navigate the terrains of mortality, all while nursing the silent ache for Lucius lingering within her heart.

Upon the completion of her collegiate journey, Amelia relocates to the pulsating heart of London, finding refuge and purpose within the venerable walls of the British Museum. It is here, at the age of 27, that the curtain rises, revealing Amelia’s story as it weaves through the pages of Transfusion.

Standing at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, Amelia is a captivating presence, with her midnight-black tresses framing a face that mirrors the allure of her lineage. Her eyes, a mesmerizing blend of blue and violet, serve as windows to a soul that is as resilient as it is sensitive, reflecting the depth of her experiences and the tapestry of emotions coloring her life’s journey.

With every step Amelia takes, with every page that turns to reveal her tale, readers are invited to explore a narrative steeped in history, personal growth, and the eternal quest for love and identity. In her, the echoes of Keira and Draven resonate, yet Amelia’s song is uniquely her own, a melody of strength, vulnerability, and indomitable spirit.



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