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Dante was a seriously good-looking guy who Amelia says looks like Jason Statham. He was assigned to watch Amelia as a bodyguard after she had a break-in, in her apartment.

He was described in one book as a “dream dealer” but in Transfusion, we find out more about him.

Dante was what was known as a Drude, which was known as a malevolent, nocturnal demon whose specialty was the creation of nightmares.

They had a strong influence over a person’s dreams when their victims were asleep, and they could tap into that lucid state and take control. Of course, the nice ones would often prevent nightmares too and favour a more sexual experience from their ‘feeding’.

You see most Demons and Angels fed from the emotions of others and it wasn’t just as clear cut that all Angels were good and all Demons were bad. Not like a library full of history books would have you believe anyway. And Drudes were no exception for they fed from the emotions invoked by dreams, but more often than not a sexual high was just as strong as a fear induced one, or so I was told.

Dante was bald with a full black bear, cut close to his face and his thick neck joined even thicker muscles. His eyes were a light green color with a burst of hazel around the pupil that sometimes when he spoke to you and smiled, looked like flecks of illuminating honey.

Dante is a spy for hire. So while he is working for Lucius to protect Amelia during Transfusion, he also works for other people. In other words, anyone can hire him for his services as a spy.

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