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Justin, the younger sibling to Frank, enters the narrative as a contemporary to Keira, their paths first intertwining amid the joyous celebration of Frank and Libby’s wedding. Distinctly human and delightfully easygoing, Justin mirrors Frank in disposition but diverts sharply when it comes to physical appearance.

Justin embodies a different breed of handsomeness compared to his elder brother. Where Frank exudes the charm of a lovable, robust bear, Justin’s allure lies in his youthful, almost ethereal beauty. Possessing a visage reminiscent of a laid-back surfer, his features are crowned by a cascade of long, blonde dreadlocks, framing a face that is both sweet and irresistibly magnetic.

Despite his baby-faced allure, Justin is acutely aware of his attractiveness and navigates through life with a confidence that borders on cockiness. This self-assuredness, however, does not tarnish his personality; instead, it adds an extra layer of charm to his character, making him an engaging presence within the storyline.

In the tapestry of the series, it is subtly revealed that Keira harbored a flicker of attraction towards Justin during their initial meetings, a detail that does not escape Draven’s notice. This latent crush instigates waves of jealousy within Draven, adding a layer of complexity and subtle tension to the unfolding drama. Despite the minor nature of his role, Justin’s presence introduces intriguing dynamics and undercurrents within the story’s flow, making him a valuable addition to the narrative.



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