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Frank, introduced to readers in the inaugural book of the series, is the steadfast husband to Libby, Kiera’s sister. As the story unfolds, Kiera embarks on a journey to America to reside with Libby and Frank, who is the inheritor of a sprawling, antiquated house bequeathed to him by his late uncle.

This substantial inheritance, however, is shadowed by a tragic and mysterious past. Readers later discover that Frank’s uncle, ensnared by the tormenting whispers and visage of a hell demon thriving on human despair, succumbed to his inner demons, ending his life prematurely.

As the proprietor of a renowned security company, Frank is intricately connected to the enigmatic Afterlight club, extending his protective services to this nocturnal haven of the supernatural. It is through these professional channels that Kiera secures employment upon her arrival in the United States, thanks to Frank’s intervention and support.

Frank and Libby’s love story unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Evergreen Falls, a quaint town pulsing with its own secrets and charm. Their paths first crossed under the electrifying atmosphere of a concert, with Libby lost in the music and Frank vigilantly performing his duties as security personnel. When chaos erupted in the form of a fight, Frank instinctively leaped into the fray, shielding Libby from harm and unknowingly stepping into the tapestry of their shared future.

The narrative later reveals the depths of Frank’s character, his protective nature is not just a professional requirement but a fundamental aspect of his personality, making him a reliable and cherished presence in both Libby and Kiera’s lives. Through the pages, Frank evolves, offering readers glimpses of a man shaped by love, responsibility, and the shadows of a past that continues to weave through the present in unexpected ways.

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