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Smidge seamlessly operates in the role of Jared’s assistant, efficiently navigating through her responsibilities with a finesse that denotes competency and dedication. While their professional dynamic is unmistakable, there’s a tender undercurrent in their interactions, spotlighting Jared’s evident soft spot for her. This subtle affection grants Smidge a degree of freedom and indulgence rarely extended to even the seasoned members of his esteemed council, illuminating the special rapport shared between the duo.

The narrative subtly entwines Smidge with Marcus, who is visibly enthralled by her charm. While they are not romantically entangled, the threads of attraction and subtle longing weave a silent dance around them. Marcus, caught in the invisible web of unspoken feelings, often orchestrates scenarios aimed at stirring the embers of jealousy within Smidge, signaling his veiled attempt to capture her attention and perhaps, her heart.

Smidge’s character, though not placed under the glaring spotlight of the main plot, is nevertheless integral to the unfolding tapestry of relationships and dynamics within the story. Each of her appearances adds nuance and depth to the narrative, offering readers glimpses of her professional commitment, the silent affection lighting Jared’s gaze, and the discreet dance of attraction playing out between her and Marcus.

Through the chapters, Smidge weaves in and out, contributing to the storyline with her presence, actions, and the subtle dynamics shared with the characters around her, ultimately serving as a vital supporting character whose role, while not at the forefront, is crucial in adding layers and subtle shades to the unfolding tale.

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