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The Hellbeast’s Mistake

Characters From This Book


Marcus has a thing for her, but they aren’t together. But he does go out of his way to try and make her jealous. Smidge is Jared’s assistant. He has an obvious soft spot for her, meaning she gets more

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We first meet Marcus in the demonic circus (The Devil’s Ring Fight Club) from The Hellbeast King. He’s the ringleader who introduces the acts in the evil circus. Ella refers to Marcus as the King of Creepy. When she first

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Jared Cerberus

In Greek mythology, Cerberus (the hound of Hades) is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving. He was the offspring of the monsters Echidna and Typhon and was usually described as

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Ella is Libby and Frank’s daughter. Keira is her aunt and the one who named her. Her full name is actually Carrie Ella. We learn that in the Hellbeasts’ Mistake. Growing up, her aunty Kaz (Kiera) used to call her

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Lucius Septimius has one of the best backstories in the Afterlife Series. He’s the Vampire King, but how he became that is the most interesting. Lucius has been around since the dawn of Christ, and his rebirth was days after

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Amelia Faith

Amelia Faith is Keira and Dominic Draven‘s daughter. She grows up to be an Egyptologist, working in the British Museum. Her story picks up with her as an adult in the series Transfusion. At the start of the book, you

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