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Athletic-looking albino, with very white blonde, stair hair that you could just see under his large black hood which concealed most of his face.

He has tattoos down one cheek.

Keira said, “I don’t know why, but he reminded me of the white knight on a chessboard being taken over by the opposing dark side.”

Husband to Sophia Draven.

He’s originally from Instanbul.

All of one side of his face was covered in a strange series of tattoos that snaked around the scar and ran the full length of his face. The black ink passed through the damaged skin, but the ink disappeared when it reached the injured tissue. It made it look as if there were pieces missing from the design.

Apart from this, he had a very serious but handsome face, with long, platinum blonde hair that fell down under the black hood he wore over his head. He was ice white and scary.

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