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Map of Sorrows

Characters From This Book


Adam, united in matrimony with Pip, boasts a narrative that is as extraordinary as it is enchanting. This enigmatic character is not just a typical figure; he is a hell beast, believed to wield power unparalleled across all known realms.

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Pip is a vivacious imp characterized by her distinctive green hair and is the beloved wife of Adam. Endearing, quirky, and brimming with infectious energy, Pip easily claims her place as one of the standout characters within the tapestry of

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Ragnar is a Viking Demon. He looks like a Viking warrior/Viking King. He’s Dravin’s bodyguard. He’s big. Very big. He looked like he ate other bodyguards for breakfast. Draven is tall, a full head or so taller than the rest

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Amelia Faith

Amelia Faith, the progeny of Keira and Dominic Draven, embarks on her life’s tapestry as an adult in the series Transfusion. With her roots embedded deeply within the mystical and enigmatic realms of immortality, Amelia crafts a niche for herself

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Dominic Draven

In the small town of Evergreen Falls, the Draven family is merely seen as wealthy enigmas, making their appearance once a year amidst whispered rumors and envious glances. Yet, beneath this facade of affluence, the Dravens harbor secrets ancient and

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Keira Johnson

Katherine Kieran Williams, known widely as Keira, is not merely a human girl; she is the realization of an ancient prophecy foretelling the arrival of a girl destined not only to capture the heart of the enigmatic Dominic Draven but

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