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Ragnar is a Viking Demon.

He looks like a Viking warrior/Viking King. He’s Dravin’s bodyguard. He’s big. Very big. He looked like he ate other bodyguards for breakfast.

Draven is tall, a full head or so taller than the rest of the men around him. Keira once described him as “gargantuan” – like a seven-foot-tall wrestler. In Transfusion, Amelia tells us that he’s six foot seven and was so big he looked to have a bone mass double that of a normal human man. His arms alone were bigger than Amelia’s head.

He has deep-colored skin, like leather that had seen too much sun or the years. His face was full of what looked like potholes, maybe from a severe case of smallpox.

In Transfusion, you learn a little more about his story. He acts as Amelia’s bodyguard as she grows up. And she tells us about his past.

He was also resurrected upon his death when being thrown into a pit of snakes by the King of Northumbria. But the part of history that hadn’t been written was that Ragnar never sailed to England with the view of conquering it, but it was, in fact, done so out of revenge after English scouts had killed his wife and taken his daughter, who was later murdered by that same King. It was a devastating part of his past and a horrendous death that signified the end of his human life.

Draven requested to have his body reclaimed, and his soul returned with the added demonic side granted to him, making Ragnar the first of the Norse Devourers to reside on Earth. Meaning that even when he was human, he was still considered a beast of a man.

She also tells us that Ragnar has an aggressive-looking presence, with hazel-colored eyes that were kind and had flecks of olive green like lightning attacking the pupil. His full lips were currently framed by a full beard that was more red than the dark blonde on his head and one that had been groomed to almost looking stylish.

Amelia’s nickname for him is Fenry, which came from the Norse beast Fenrir he used to pretend to be, who was a monstrous wolf. His nickname for Amelia is apple.

We later learn that Ragnar is a descendant of the God Oden and the father of Sigurd.


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