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Sacrifice of the Septimus: Part 1

Characters From This Book


Adam is married to Pip. His story is truly unique. He’s a hell beast, probably the most powerful beast in all realms. He couldn’t be controlled and so they gave him Pip to play with, but she somehow tamed the

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Pip is an imp with green hair who is married to Adam. Pip may very well be one of the best characters in the entire series. She’s just wonderfully quirky and lovable. She’s like a mischievous child. Which, of course

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Sophia Draven

Sophia Draven is Dominic’s sister. She was small and elf-like, with beautiful black hair that resembled silk as it hung down in curls to her shoulders and bounced as she moved. Her skin was almost translucent with a rosy tint

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Vincent Draven

Vincent is an angel and the brother of Dominic and Sophia Draven (they are triplets). Vincent means to conquer in Latin. An angelic-looking man, but had eyes that suggested otherwise. They were like black ice with a cruel, harsh glint

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Dominic Draven

To the locals, the Draven’s are simply a filthy rich family who come to Evergreen Falls once a year. In reality, they are so much more. Dominic Draven is a triplet, born the first of the three, he also has

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Rachel Jane

When Keira first meets RJ she is working behind the counter at a store in the mall. She was tiny and almost elf-life. She wore all black, which made her bright pink hair stand out even more. Rachel Jane or

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We first meet Frank in book one. He is married to Kiera’s sister Libby. At the start of the story, Kiera is coming to America to live with her sister and Frank. Frank had inherited a big old house from

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Libby is Keira’s sister and wife to Frank. Her most notable feature is that she is a horrible cook but a loving and devoted sister. Born in England, she moved to the US to be with her husband Frank. She

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Keira is a human girl, but not just any girl – her very existence was prophesized thousands of years ago. She wasn’t just destined to be Dominic Draven’s one true love, but to also save the world. Keira is the

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