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Olivia, affectionately known as Libby, is Keira’s beloved sister and Frank’s cherished wife. With fiery red curls that mimic her vibrant energy, Libby stands at a petite 5 feet 3 inches, mirroring her sister’s height. Though she possesses a slender frame, her physique is gracefully accented with curves.

Her culinary skills, or lack thereof, stand as a delightful contradiction to her expertise in interior design, a field where she not only thrives but also crafts a canvas of comfort and aesthetic appeal for her clients. Professionally, she is recognized by her full name, Olivia, weaving a tapestry of colors and textures that mirror the dynamism of her personality.

Originally hailing from England, the call of love beckoned her across the Atlantic, leading her to establish a home in the United States with Frank. Within this union, the couple welcomes their daughter Ella, a character whose tale later unfolds in the “Hellbeast King” series.

As a sister, Libby embodies devotion and unwavering support for Keira. Whether offering a sanctuary for Keira amid life’s storms or standing as a beacon of light and laughter, Libby plays a pivotal role in Keira’s life, sharing in her joys and cushioning her falls. Her presence is a soothing balm, a wellspring of love that nourishes the bonds of family, making her not just a character in the tapestry of the Afterlife Saga but a luminous thread that holds it all together.

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