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The HellBeast’s Prisoner

Characters From This Book


In Greek mythology, Orthus was a two-headed dog who guarded Geryon’s cattle and was killed by Heracles. He makes his first appearance in The Hellbeast King, as the brother of Jared Cerberus. Orthus, is a “hellbeast” like his brother, not

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Jared Cerberus

  Jared Cerberus, drawing inspiration from the mythical Cerberus of Greek mythology, is an imposing figure intricately woven into the tapestry of The Hellbeast King series. Like his mythological counterpart, who stands guard at the Underworld’s gates preventing the deceased

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Carrie Ella, primarily known as Ella, is the cherished daughter of Libby and Frank and the beloved niece of Keira, who was honored to bestow upon her the name. Introduced in “Hellbeasts’ Mistake,” Ella becomes a character of significance, with

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Pip is a vivacious imp characterized by her distinctive green hair and is the beloved wife of Adam. Endearing, quirky, and brimming with infectious energy, Pip easily claims her place as one of the standout characters within the tapestry of

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Sophia Draven

Sophia Draven, one-third of the mystical triplet constellation alongside Dominic and Vincent, captivates with her petite, ethereal presence that mirrors the whimsical beauty of elves. Her stature, small and delicate, moves with a lightness and grace that seem to dance

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