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Jared Cerberus


Jared Cerberus, drawing inspiration from the mythical Cerberus of Greek mythology, is an imposing figure intricately woven into the tapestry of The Hellbeast King series. Like his mythological counterpart, who stands guard at the Underworld’s gates preventing the deceased from fleeing, Jared emanates an aura of mystery and formidable power.

The original Cerberus, born to the monstrous duo Echidna and Typhon, is a creature of daunting physicality — characterized by three heads, a serpent tail, and a cluster of snakes emerging from various body parts. Jared embodies this myth, although not necessarily in physical form, perhaps more in spirit and essence, bearing a daunting presence that commands respect and instills fear.

In the unfolding narrative of The Hellbeast King series, Jared doesn’t merely exist as a background entity; he takes center stage with a storyline distinctly his own. He isn’t merely the offspring of mythical beings but a character with depth, nuances, and a unique destiny entwined with his Electus, Ella. This chosen individual, Ella, plays a pivotal role in Jared’s life, being the one destined to be by his side, marking a significant chapter in the saga.

Jared, also affectionately referred to as “J” by brother, is more than just a name in the series; he’s a living, breathing embodiment of myth, a character whose presence is as substantial as the shadows cast by the ancient tales of Greece. With a story that promises intrigue and complexity, Jared Cerberus is a character whose tale is waiting to unfold, bearing the weight of mythology and the fresh ink of new narratives.


In mythology, hell beasts are typically depicted as creatures originating from hell or another demonic or infernal dimension. They may be associated with darkness, evil, or chaos. These creatures often possess a terrifying and monstrous appearance designed to instill fear. They might have features commonly associated with demons, like horns, wings, fangs, or fiery eyes. Hell beasts are usually portrayed as extraordinarily powerful entities. They might possess supernatural strength, speed, durability, and various magical or psychic abilities. Often, hell beasts are depicted as having malevolent or destructive intentions, serving dark lords or acting on their own to create chaos and suffering.

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