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Carrie Ella, primarily known as Ella, is the cherished daughter of Libby and Frank and the beloved niece of Keira, who was honored to bestow upon her the name. Introduced in “Hellbeasts’ Mistake,” Ella becomes a character of significance, with her story taking center stage in the subsequent “Hellbeast King” series.

As a young girl, the tender nickname “Ella Bella” was affectionately used by Aunt Keira, reflecting little Ella’s deep fascination with the tale of Beauty and the Beast. However, with the birth of Fae, this moniker evolved whimsically into “Ella Belly.” This playful name, originating from the joyous moments where Ella would delight in blowing raspberries on baby Fae’s belly, would adhere to her over the years, becoming a term of endearment utilized by family members and her cousin Faith well into Ella’s adult years.

Ella’s narrative gains momentum in the “Hellbeast King” series, where fate intricately entwines her path with that of Jared Cerberus. Their initial meeting, seemingly accidental, occurs when Ella is but a 16-year-old, navigating the complex tapestry of adolescence. The narrative then leaps forward, reacquainting readers with an older Ella who, after completing her collegiate journey, immerses herself in a career closely aligned with her love for animals, assuming the role of a park ranger.

In the cradle of nature, where the whispering trees and untamed wilderness provide a backdrop, Ella’s story with Jared Cerberus unfolds, weaving a narrative rich in adventure, romance, and the eternal dance between destiny and desire. The canvas of her life, painted with the hues of family love, personal growth, and a romance as wild and free as the beasts she tends to, invites readers into a captivating saga where every chapter reveals a new layer of her character and the world she inhabits.

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